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Meet Marcello, Photographer / Musician / Astoria Resident

Marcello just rented a one bedroom apartment for only $1250 in Astoria near 30th Ave and 48th St.  He used to have to travel on the LIRR daily to get to his photography job in midtown and it was a tedious journey.  That has all changed now since his apartment is only a block and […]

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Lauren and Anna

Lauren rented the incredible duplex for $1600 a few weeks ago.  I felt bad renting her the place because I wanted to move there myself but hey that always happens to me with the super nice ones.  Anyway, she’s going to love it.  Pictured below are Lauren, myself and lauren’s new landlord Anna who is terrific […]

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Ready to Move!

Meg and Happy seem pretty darn excited to have just signed their new lease for their new 2 bedroom apartment and it’s for a good reason.  After about two weeks of searching, they fell in love with the modern 2 bed for $1650 that was listed earlier this month.  It was a little above their range but […]

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Thank You Cat and Chris!

I just received this thoughtful testimonal from my recent clients, Cat and Chris.  They sent along this great pic of them in the doorway of their new apartment in Astoria. “The Story of Cat & Chris:  We were super-excited to find a new home in Astoria, but became discouraged after searching Craigslist for weeks and […]

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Some more Happy Customers

Ed the landlord and his new tenant Christine who just rented the 3 bedroom on Astoria Park Share/Bookmark

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Exactly What They Were Looking For

Who: Kasha and Ken (city worker and graphic designer) What : 2 bedroom 2nd floor walk-up  in 6 unit building Where: 36th st and 28th Avenue, Astoria How Much: $1500 per month including heat and water $1500 for a spacious 2 bedroom in Astoria isn’t to shabby.  Especially when you consider that even now I still […]

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Comic Finds Relief in Astoria

Who: Matt (student/ soon to be teacher/ comic/ impersonator/ all around nice guy) What:  1 Bedroom Where: 48th st and 30th Ave How Much: $1150 per month Moved From: Upper West Side Moved To: Astoria Matt was looking for a studio but wound up with a 1 bedroom and still came in under budget.  With […]

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An Oasis in Astoria for Two Weary Travelers – Pre War 1 Bed for $1350 in Ditmars

John and Katrina were terribly jet lagged when the called me.  Just 2 days earlier they arrived in NYC from Tokyo where they lived and worked as teachers for the last four years.  You can imagine how they must have felt being back in the states jobless with no home to call their own.  They […]

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