Peter Horowitz

Licensed Real Estate Broker

With close to two decades of experience in the business in Western Queens, Licensed Real Estate Broker and native New Yorker Peter Horowitz has a distinct feel for the neighborhoods and culture of that area.  His temperament, personal touch, and commitment to representing his clients separate him from the pack.  As the owner of Horowitz Real Estate, Peter prides himself on not just sealing the deal but also ensuring it’s the right fit for his clients. Being a strong advocate for clients is the driving force behind the company. This hands-on, people-focused approach stems from Peter’s love of meeting new people and building relationships.  From a modest beginning, very grassroots and with plenty of pounding the pavement, Peter built his business up to be one of the best in the borough. His love of Astoria and the surrounding neighborhoods is evident in every aspect of the company’s operations. He has a long and impressive track record of helping people moving to western Queens find not just places to live, but places they really love.

 Jennifer Harvey

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Known as an ambitious, driven, and genuine person- Jennifer brings her strong character and diligent work ethic to the table for her clients. A 2004 graduate of the University of Limerick, she formerly taught high school in her native Ireland for six years before relocating to Queens. Wanting a career change to something where the rewards reflected the work put in, she became a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson.

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