September 2007

2 Bedroom only 2 streets from N, W Astoria Blvd. Stop – ONLY $1500 per month

Great Deal For this rent stabilized 2 bedroom apartment in Astoria.  Being completely renovated for November 1st (maybe sooner) move in date.   2 minute walk to trains (N, W Trains @ Astoria Blvd stop) Walk to Beer Garden, 24 hour Neptune Diner, Cafes, Supermarket, Astoria Park… GREAT PRICE…. great for couples or roommates   […]

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Bad Credit Hindering Your Apartment Search?

At one time or another everyone has something bad on their credit report.  Most of my customers don’t even realize it until that devastating moment when they are confronted with it. This is an especially bad problem when looking for an apartment. Time is of the essence, and the amount of time it takes to repair […]

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Neighborhood Snapshot – 30th Ave and 45th Street in Astoria

As a broker here in Astoria, I receive many calls from people asking me to find them apartments in the Ditmars, Broadway, or 30th Ave areas.  “Close to the N train” is a common phrase that I hear several times a day.  It as if no one even realizes there is an R, V, G stop […]

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Immaculate 2 Bedroom for Rent / Only $1650 per month

If you are looking for a 2 bedroom in Astoria look no further.  Available for October 15th move in date is a spacious and immaculate true 2 bedroom apartment in the area of 30th Ave. and 45th street.  The 5 rooms consist of living room, dining room, gorgeous kitchen, and 2 bedrooms.  There is a […]

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Upper Ditmars – Astoria’s Secret

New Construction in Upper Ditmars If your budget is in the $1500 range for 2 bedroom Astoria apartment then you might want to consider moving a little farther from the subways to the Upper Ditmars neighborhood of Astoria.  After 49th street in Astoria at Ditmars blvd., the streets skip to the 70’s.  Don’t be fooled […]

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1 Bedroom In Astoria For $1000? No, It’s Not The Norm But Yes, It’s Possible

Happy customers Maria showing Nicole where the new stove and refrigerator will go Immaculate newly renovated bathroom with shower stall Vito did all the granite work himself $1000 per month! Even as Astoria becomes increasingly desirable for renters and buyers alike, you can still get an incredible deal if you know what to look for. […]

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